In partnership with THE HANDY TRUST.

Our successful schools programme helps junior age children transition to senior school. Big changes can cause different anxieties and worries, so we support them through this adaptation period, making sure their lives are as smooth as possible.

This is a home, school, community project supporting children and their families transition from primary to secondary education.

Schools identify children in year 6 who may find the school transition challenging for varying reasons. Families Matter work with the children, building their confidence and self-esteem using a variety of resources. The child is given an opportunity to talk over any anxieties they may have about starting secondary school and extra visits to the secondary school are arranged during the summer term.

The programme has been running successfully for over 10 years and has enabled many children to manage the transition smoothly.

We love being able to support the local children through this scheme and we’ve seen some amazing stories of children thriving in their new environment.

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